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The Grampians national park located in Victoria, Australia was first declared as a national park on the 1st of July 1984 and it eventually became one of Australia’s National heritage sites.

Mountain peaks and walking trails

There are so many opportunities and locations to go mountaineering, or hiking and strolling at. The hikes and walks take you on a journey through the rich history of the aboriginals and what conditions they faced in living on such a glorious landscape years ago. To see it all you will have to spend at least a week, meaning you will have to stay in the Grampians at one of their magnificently scenic house.

Water-falls and lakes

You can go take a look at Beehive falls which is a peaceful spot to just sit and think while listening to the babble of the cascading water. And you can also go to Broken falls which is a much more fast-paced waterfall because the river crashes aggressively over the edge of the gorge. Lake Wartook is the perfect place for canoeing or fishing (since is boasts quite a population of trout and redfin), it is a beautiful lake surrounded by forests and mountain ranges and offers plenty of water based activities.

Halls Gap Zoo

Contains a large number of species both exotic and native to Australia. A lot of endangered species are actually part of the captive breeding programs that is meant to bring back the numbers of animals that are (thanks to man) now on the brink of extinction. You can even experience more interactive activities like hand-feeding kangaroos and deer or carrying a scaly reptile.

Relaxing hotels and places to stay at

No matter when you want to stay over you can always find the best lodgings whether it is weekend accommodation or accommodation during the week. Whether you want a luxurious place to stay or somewhere more basic you are guaranteed to get it and all with breath-taking views.

Art of the ancients and a cultural mecca

You can find beautiful paintings on the side of mountains, that were done long ago by the aboriginals. A lot of aboriginal sites are in the Grampians where many aboriginal clans were supposed to have been spread throughout the land as evidence by the rock paintings. The paintings vary from shelter to shelter; one shelter has the red handprints of smaller children while another has images of dancing figures. These were just a few facts about one of the most beautiful places on earth, and it is nothing compared to what you will experience when you are actually there.