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Most people drink wine at social gatherings. Wine tasting events and parties are a great way if socialising with friends and family. Many people attend these events for networking reasons. Wine tasting is a common social practice. Most people are unable to drink wine before they are twenty years of age. This limit is lowered to eighteen in some places. Some places might set it to as low as sixteen years. However, the legal age for consuming alcohol is mostly seventeen. The legal age at which people are allowed to drink alcohol depends on many factors. Most of these factors are cultural and social.

The social views of people from a place determine what laws will be enacted there. This should be taken into consideration when drafting laws. The minimum age for imbibing is mostly defined by the local legislature. It is rarely mentioned in federal law. This is because the federal government considers it a local matter for states and councils to decide. You should ensure you are old enough to drink before attending a wine tasting events. You should decline attending a wine tasting function if you are not old enough.

Legal age for drinking:

The legal age for consuming alcoholic beverages is an important factor to consider when attending a wine tasting event. You can be punished if you are not old enough to consume wine. Many underage people try to attend Yarra Valley wine tasting tours events. They get away with it sometimes but it is a risky move. You should wait until you are old enough to drink wine before attending a wine tasting event. Getting in trouble with the law can be very inconvenient in some cases. An easy way of staying out of trouble is to follow the rules. 

Type of wine served:

Once you are old enough, you can easily consume any alcoholic beverage. Most wine tasting events have more than one kind of wine. Some of them have as many as five different kinds of wine. In some cases, the event is dedicated to a single type of wine exclusively. Such events are rare occurrences and most wine tasting events have more than one variety of liquor. The amount of alcohol in most wines is five to ten percent by volume. It can be as high as eight to nine percent in some cases. However, wines with this much alcohol are rare.

Alcoholic content percentage:

Most wines have more alcohol in them as compared to other beverages. For instance, beer has an average alcoholic percentage of three to four percent by volume. In contrast, whisky has an average alcoholic percentage of four to five percent by weight, on average. This is why wines are comparatively more intoxicating. Wine tasting events are mostly held at night after dark.