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Winters make the high mountains an amazing experience. The snow-capped mountains become a treat for the thrill and adventure lovers. Sliding down these snowy mountains can become a lifetime experience. Several skiing resorts have been established in Australia now. These resorts are visited by several visitors every year. Among these popular skiing resorts the top-ranking locations re as follows:


If you want to enjoy off-piste skiing then this skiing resort is an ideal location to explore. It is also the longest skiing path among the other skiing resorts. This resort is 5 to 6 hours away from the city of Sydney. It is part of the Kosciusko National Park and spreads over an area of 480 hectares. The ski lovers thoroughly enjoy the sharp drop of 672 metres from the highest point. This Mansfield resort accommodation is recommended by travel experts because of the easy accessibility and amazing amenities. The only critical side of the resort is that it is not a great choice for beginners.


For those who are neither an expert nor a beginner at skiing but an intermediate level skier this resort is an ideal choice. This skiing resort is characterized by four major parts namely Guthega, Blue Cow, Smiggin Holes and Perisher Valley. The visitors enjoy an extensive space for skiing around. There is enough room for multiple activities so that the visitors would stay busy all through the time while in the resort. Usually, the visitors prefer the Perisher area as it has more amenities than the rest of the three. It covers a total area of 1,245 hectares and allows the skier to enjoy a skiing experience from the vertical drop of 355 metres.

 Charlotte Pass

Situated in the popular Kosciusko Park in South Wales this skiing resort is ideal for the beginners. The vertical drop of 209 metres seems isolated but is amazing for all kinds of skiing activities. It gives a lifetime experience due to the manageable height. It is quiet, serene and a very peaceful place to enjoy the chilly winters.


Just 5.5 hours away from Sydney this is a heaven for the skiers who besides the thrill want to have the peaceful settings around them. The skiable terrain covers an area of 86 acres. It is a great place to learn skiing. Usually, it is visited by families. Besides the friendly slope height of 122 metres, it is a budget-friendly and economical option for the visitors who can’t afford much or they are not well versed regarding the skiing.

Mt Buller

Situated in the Alpine National Park in Victoria, this is a great resort to spend your weekends. All it takes to reach the resort is a mere three hours’ drive from the city of Melbourne. A skiable terrain of 300 hectares and a vertical drop height of 400 metres is something great for the new skiers. The high-tech lift to carry the skiers and the visitors to the top is an experience of its kind.