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Living outside the city or country for the study is not as easy as it seems. Many students think that they will live freely as compared to their home but they also have to face many challenges. One of the first and major problems is finding the best student accommodation. Many factors make accommodation good or bad. If your residence is not perfect you will not be able to enjoy that time as you think. The following are some tips for finding the best residence for students.

 Stay connected

 Internet connection is now the first preference for every young person. In this modern time, the Internet has become a basic need and a great source of entertainment. Students need internet for their studies and researches. They also need it for video conferencing with their families and friends. While to enjoy new movies and play online games, the internet is also compulsory. So no internet or slow internet both can never be compromised. While choosing a western sydney university student accommodation you should make sure that there should be 24/7 support of fast internet there.


 The most important factor that can make accommodation best for students is its location. Mostly the accommodation near the institutes where they study is most preferable. It saves their time and money to reach there. At that location, there must be some transport facilities and most importantly local shops and market. As the food is the basic life need so there must be healthy food and snacks shops in the area. All the facilities in that location should also be cost-effective.

 Safe and sound

 Safety and peace matter a lot for every type of residence. Either you are planning to live in hostels or private apartments, security should always be ensured. You should always choose a safe place even if it cost more than an unsafe place. 

 A friendly smile

 Many students believe that the staff at their hostels or residence must be friendly and approachable. The staff members should be responsible and good personalities. This is very important to stay comfortable in accommodation. The managing team should also arrange some events to break the ice. If you like social events, you should ask for it. 

 Work, rest and play

 Living lonely is not a good idea. It will make you boring. So while choosing accommodation you should check that there should be some common room, cinema room or fitness gyms etc. where you could make new friends or enjoy a social environment. You can also search for the laundry room if you want to do your work by own. If you are also finding a private apartment then there must be some playgrounds or fitness centres in the area.