Every girl plans her whimsical wedding to the last detail. Flower arrangements, selection of cutlery and sometimes even what colours her second cousins should be dressed in. A great amount of work goes into this wedding in her head and she is sure to not spare any time or energy when executing the actual. Luckily for the bride of today, Caterers, seamstresses and event planners are available in abundance. So a large portion of work can be delegated. The venue of the party is the canvas for the work of art she has envisioned. So don’t blame her if she is picky about it. Dare to question her authority and most importantly her choice, she is sure to go full on ‘’bridezilla’’ on you.Most of the tropical islands are nothing short of paradise .They are blessed with a wide array of flora and fauna and is also home to a vibrant and enchanting culture that is the core of its existence. It is an inviting destinations for weddings and all other celebrations in life, Bali in particular is an ideal destination for luxury weddings and honeymoons.  

Beach resorts in Bali are located on the beachfront with secluded white sandy beaches and large coconut and palm trees which lead to many sought after luxury destination weddings locations in Bali. They are ornamented beautifully with bits and pieces found right in the local vicinity so much so that you really don’t need to step out of your hotel to experience authentic Bali. Bali’s resorts are luxurious not for its price tag but because your experience will truly be unparalleled to any that you have had so far .Just like everything else in Bali, your choice in the type of room you stay is a lot to take in. In a good way! you can either bunk in a modest room or splurge in a Hotel Styled Room or Traditional Bali style Bungalow/Cottages with a view of the Ocean and a pool of its own.

Bali resorts have many wedding packages available for you to choose from and one of them are sure to catch your eye and most importantly agree with the limitations of your finances. So whether you want a fully blown wedding or a private ceremony with just you and your partner, you can have a celebration that is one of a kind as you say ‘’I do’’. But why should it even be an occasion? Why not treat yourself to a weekend getaway? After all you deserve nothing short of the best life has to offer.