This Is What Luxury Feels Like

In the world today there is always the need to be better. Whether it’s us in school trying harder and harder to score better marks, or it is as adults trying to get better at the job we do. because we know that only if we do get good marks will we be granted a scholarship to some of the top universities, and if we do study at some of the top universities only we are guaranteed of a job in one of the top companies around the world. And even after all the hard work and we find ourselves working in one of these companies we realize that we have to work even harder in order to make sure we hold our place. And if we want to climb higher up in the pecking order then the task ahead of us becomes even harder.

But the biggest question is why we want all of this. Why do we have to get good grades, go to good universities and get top jobs? What is the need for all of this? Well it’s because we want to enjoy life and in order to enjoy life, we need money. Because in the modern day people measure their level of happiness with the balance in their bank accounts. And if the balance is good enough they are happy enough. They measure their level of happiness with worldly things like their ability to have luxurious getaways Barossa Valley and their ability to spend their weekends on private yachts. This is how people measure their level of happiness and satisfaction in their life, with the amount of money and success they have amassed.

For people in the modern world taking private wine tours is something they feel exudes luxury. For them it speaks volumes about how well off they are. And it’s something that they like to talk about. But the funniest thing is that half the people who visit like that actually don’t know anything about wine whatsoever. They have no clue about it. But they go for it anyways, because they know that this is what people who are well off would do. But the real question that we should ask ourselves is that, if we are really happy doing all of these so called luxurious activities. If this is really us. because if we are doing this just to please the crowds then we are the people who are ultimately going to end up as unhappy individuals, while the crowds will move on to cheer for someone else.